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Many Americans dream of starting their own business. In 2008, more than 27 million small businesses were active in the United States, and more than 600,000 new businesses are started each year. One of the first decisions for any would-be entrepreneur is whether to start a business on his own, purchase an existing company or purchase a franchise. Purchasing a franchise offers many benefits that can lead to a successful business.

Being part of a franchise means your business is part of national or regional advertising that is managed, contracted and possibly paid for by corporate headquarters. Advertising campaigns continue to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your store. Even if you choose to secure additional advertising time, you might be able to reduce your costs by sharing them with other franchises in your territory.

Purchasing a franchise offers the important benefit of name recognition. Some brands, such as McDonald's or Subway, are widely recognized, but even if you purchase a lesser-known brand, your business can benefit from some amount of name recognition, which typically takes years to develop. Consumers prefer to shop where they know what products, services and level of quality to expect.

Before purchasing a franchise, the corporate office will make you aware of the costs associated with opening your own store. Your contact within the franchise will verify that you have sufficient assets to invest in the business, and will require a corporate franchise fee. The advantage of the stringent financial requirements is that you know upfront exactly what your investment costs will be and that you can afford them. When opening your own business without the benefit of a franchise, you most likely will run into unexpected costs.

Buying into a franchise gives you access to established procedures in all areas of the business. This is helpful with site selection, store layout, inventory purchasing and hiring staff. If you have never done payroll before, you will appreciate having a system in place.

The franchise usually provides corporate training. Depending on your franchise, the training may be offered in all areas--management, marketing, bookkeeping, inventory control, security and human resources. Also, many franchises provide access to business consultants, generally other successful owners from within your franchise, who provide individual counseling to ensure your profitability. After all, the more money you make, the more money the franchise makes.